Efoil Woodboard "Orka" for sale

Hello anyone,

I have a Board for sale.

The board has 142cm to 64cm and 12cm. It is great for sporty beginners and advanced.

The Board can finished between 15 and 25 hours. You must buy the technical components (VESC, Motor, Remote, Mast Gong V2 and the Batteriecomponents. It´s not hard to finished the Efoil. You get all the components that you see on the pictures (Board, Batteriebox, Vescbox…). You can buy it with or without the mastclamp. You can look to my another publications and find the important steps to do it. I live in the North of Germany.

If you want to buy it then make me an offer.

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This is the Mastclamp if you need it too.
Very strong, 3d print filled with epoxy,

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Whats the weight of the board?

The Board is 11,7kg without the Battery and Controllerbox.

Hi, nice board.
What is the size of the battery box? How do you attach the mastclamp? (Screws? Hole pattern?)
Have you tested if the battery compartment is watertight?

In the Batterybox is enough space for 21700 14S12P with BMS. 18650 14S14P is possible too. The Boxes are 100% waterproof. When I fall into the water very often and hard, sometimes I get a little bit of water (maybe 0,05liter) inside the Board, I hear this about Lift and Flite too. Normally the Board is completly dry inside.

Inside the groove there comes a O-Ring. The Mast is screw on with the normal Mastscrews. It is perfect of Gong components. This is total waterproof and stable.

2 O-Rings are a part of it :wink:

More Infos:
Version 3 & Version 4 (Orkaboard & Sharkboard) 2022/2023 - EFOIL.builders / Builds - FOIL.zone

Das Board ist verkauft.