Efoiling uk south east locations?

Are there any locations where I can take my efoil. I currently use a Takuma cruising 2. Are there any free lakes and rivers with easy access and parking nearby? Preferably a place where other efoilers may come.

I understand there is another thread talking about locations but seems to have not many suggestions of places in my vicinity. Kent and essex would be ideal.

I got a mate that does it at Southend-on-Sea.

Yes I tried south-end. It’s just they have very low tide most of the time. My foil wings can scrape against the sea bed if it gets too close. I was hopeful by there would be a location which is guaranteed to be deeper water like a lake. But most lakes are manned by some authority that won’t let you do water sports unless it’s been authorised by them.

Yeah the lake option is very frustrating! They all seam leased to a governing body. I know at Buckland Park Lake they efoil, but I think its all rental based: https://bucklandparklake.co.uk/whats-here/clubs/

Hi guys I got all the parts over last year to build an efoil but with lots of other projects on the go have not got round to it. So I purchased a second hand Waydoo (get it at the weekend) to started and was looking for places to try it out / learn ideally not in the sea. I do a fair bit of paddle boarding on the river Thames around reading, wargrave area and have seen a guy efoiling on the river around there in the evenings anyone on here live around the reading area of have any ideas where to go? Cheers Nick

Hi, I am about to get my 1st efoil board and I have been looking clubs on lakes to join as a member so i can practice … I have contacted alot of these operations and so far none of them permit an efoil - even tho they do jeyski/wakeboarding etc. Has anyone found an inland lake in the UK which allows you to take and operate your own efoil ?


Very sad that england efoil lakes have banned access of individuals to preserve commercial interests.
Maybe is it better in Scotland or Wales ?

Efoils mean big money for the private lakes, so they will either rent them with lessons or just block them.
You can efoil in the Thames from Richmond and up. But I would imagine if it got too busy they’d start policing it.

There are some inland lakes that you can wingfoil on, so I’d imagine if you paid the day rate and didn’t bother asking for actual permission, they might not bother stopping you once you on the water. I’ve realised over time in the UK, if you ask for permission the answer for any new technology is always no, but if you just go about using it without asking, you just don’t get stopped.

New technology <=> expensive technology <=> potential user with high income <=> s.he can pay !

Thanks all for the feedback… it arrives tomorrow — so may look at a thames run this weekend to get it wet per se. Anyone do anything around West Mersea Island as thats where ill be at mostly this summer working it all out…


The closest (to you) person I know that efoils does so in Southend On Sea. Are you based on Mersea Island?

No, not on Mersea Island - just go there sometimes…

Does anyone know what type of licecnce i should get to be on the Thames on the off chance i get challenged by some type of water authority?

I don’t use any. But I’m on the upper Thames. Which section of the Thames do you plan on using?

stretch between runnymeade and eton

So I went out on Saturday ( 1st time - knees ) and the water up past Runnymead was running super fast - is that normal for that stretch or does it depend on run off from the rain?

During winter and early spring the runoff is always fast. In summer the non-tidal section of the Thames slows down and cleans up a lot.

Just as a heads up, I know the pla and environmental agency are becoming more strict, so if you see them, drop off the foil and paddle past to pretend you are self powered and not breaking the speed limit. I know there are some insurers that now do insurance for efoils. I’m busy looking into the whole thing at the moment…

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Hi All,
I did some from Sheerness. Seemed fairly easy, free parking, boat channel to get out and relatively close to london.
Is anyone keen to go out in a group on a weekend?
Happy to try other locations, i have not found any lakes which would accept efoil.
The only potential location may be Weir wood reservoir but not free and just as far as sheerness or withering for me.