Ekayak Build - Help

Hey E-Foilers,
I am looking for input on an electric motor setup for kayak. I cannot seem to find any community for electric power kayaks and most just seem to use trolling motors which are very slow. That being said, i understand our power/torque needs will be different and I have hard time understanding how to calculate a good setup.
My kayak is 12 ft older Hobie with a total weight of probably 350 lbs, including me. I do not need a setup that has instant torque, instead i am looking at something that might reach 10 mphs.
I am currently looking at 48v 32ah LiPo battery setup, Flipsky seal 300A 60V ESC for Surfboard E-Foil Board, SSS 56114 360Kv, and Flipsky Aluminum Alloy Propeller 3.5HP 3.5 HP Outboard Motor 2 Stroke For Flipsky 65161 Brushless Motor.
Do you guys think this could work? I am looking for any suggestions.

Yes if you change the prop to a 80mm I would say

You may get some inspiration from the people racing solar boats.

Have a look at Mark Youngs ( [YOUNGSTERS JETS) his YouTube channel.

Lot’s of videos and info about his jet Kayak build.

Do you have any links to a 80mm prop you would suggest? I do not have a 3d printer. I am guessing small prop because it spins at a higher rpm?

I see this setup with a 4 Blades Diameter 94mm Pitch 0.8. Looks pretty good.

kind of interested in JetDrive. Looking around a bit. I think i would need a large diameter prop setup than the 40/50s he is using. My kayak is about 12 feet long. I am also hesitant to cut into the kayak so i would need to get really creative building a jet drive. The brushless motor to prop can be mounted to the back and used a rudder pretty easily.

yes something like the paddle board set up using a 700kv with 6s

you got a 360kv with 48v, using it at 70% this means 12 000 rpm
because you want amp for torque (trust for kayak) and voltage for power (speed)
for 16km/h you will need a 0.022m pitch for 12000rpm , sure you can use bigger prop but this means the motor will under use the battery voltage and you will lower your power

so my guess i would for somethings like this:


the main problem here, is that you want to move something “heavy” and “low” speed with a small motor (low torque 3n/m) at “high rpm”
so yes small prop i think

that makes sense. Also i have not bought anything yet so we arent stuck with a 360kv engine. I am a little worried about stepping up too many volts because of death from a water short.

@zimmer.rich I am in the analysis paralysis stage of trying to design a new kayak propulsion system. I just made a post that started almost the same way as this one… looking to build a kayak set up, can’t find any info. :grin:

Have you made any progress?

I have not made progress. Also just stuck on design. Not sure if i would use it enough to put the kind of dollars needed into it.