Electric ducted fan "EDF" Backpack?

Hey Foil crew!!

I’ve been looking on the form for some time and figure its time for a post!!

Im putting the parts together for a “foil drive” type setup but have always thought of building a EDF backpack style set up! The fans would be mounted on a frame backpack style with the batteries and a wireless controller.

It would keep all the weight off the board and would open up the possibility of riding smaller boards and could use it with any foil!

I just need some Info about how you guys think the motors would do going under water?

Could you waterproof them?

Motors like this, EDF motors

Let me know what you guys think!!

Something like this?

Electric Ducted fans?


You got it!
Looks like it would work great with a foil!

There are some big challenges with this idea. I am curious to hear your plans to overcome these:

  1. Adding enough buoyancy so that it does not drown you when you fall in the drink - unless you are Laird and can swim laps with heavy weights in your hand
  2. Developing a fan blade that does not destroy itself the instant it hits the resistance of water at rpm
  3. Fan configuration that allows necessary airflow for the thrust needed and is crash proof (see above)
  1. A lifejacket would work and with it on your back you have free hands for swimming.

  2. That part I need to see if you can apply breaking to the motors like with the skateboard motors.

  3. The motors would be out to the side for good airflow.

I have some question out for some friends about high speeds and water. So I’ll report back soon.

The noise would be a problem, the jet would probably un balance your body , foiling will be tricky :sweat_smile: with a 30kg push on your back

Some earplugs would take care of that! only need a good push to get up and going!

I sent an email over to http://www.dreamscience-propulsion.co.uk they are the guys who built it back in 2012

Ill give it a go if I know the motors won’t stop working the first time hitting the water! hahaha

Some more inspiration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cySfQbjy40E

Waterproof hard back pack : should take care of the battery and frame support for the motors

Any motor out of the box would work under water

Need to be carrefour with the phase wires and have a good insulation in order to avoid electrical shock

For me, what might go work :

  • motor ( most of the time inrunner ) will rust after time ( shaft and bearing )

  • blades would probably brake when hitting water if still spinning

  • body balance will be harder , foil + back pack …

  • you can get electric shock past 8s, not really painful but past 12-13s that might get bad ( heart…) and you are in the water …

Looking forward for your updates :+1:

The most important to me , is that you really need to be aware that you can get electric shock in the water and you never knock how you will react until you get it and you will have to deal with it alone in the water

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