Electric Foils are hot

At first congrats to this new forum. We like it a lot!

With our E-Surfer.com website we are watching carefully what’s going on in the world of electric surfboards.

We can see in our website statistics that 2 topics are gaining a lot of interest:

  1. Our electric surfboard comparison for people who want to buy a complete E-Surfer

  2. Everything related to Electric Hydrofoils

It started with our first article about Liftfoils eFoil and the interview with Nick, but just recently the DIY projects are gaining even more interest.

Again, nice job! Let the eFoil community grow!

Andreas @ E-Surfer

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Yes Andreas eFoiling sure are hot and this forum is the place to learn, share, and built with like-minded individuals. Your board reviews and the comparison table are great, that’s is how I found you this summer. Thanks again for being a sponsor of my VeFoil Motor Propulsion System and I can’t wait to send you one for your unboxing video and review this spring :slight_smile:

Looking very much forward to that :slight_smile: