Electric hydrofoil kit

HI guys,

somebody can help me to find a complete electric hydrofoil kit ready to be fix on my bord ?

because the DIY is too complicate for me…


Hi Alban,
where are you located?

I ordered the Elevate E-Foil Add On System (www.elevate.rocks) that I will mount on my inflatable WindSurfBoard from DuoBoards.
I got the chance to see it in action last month and was impressed. Hope ti get it next month, then I can send some pictures…:crazy_face:

How much you paid for and what are the specs?

That looks like the same motor as Flying Rodeo. I wonder if they are using the same supplier…

2500€, Slingshot Aufnahmeplatte, 10kg gewicht, 3kw Leistung. 1Jahr Garantie

france, close to notre dame;)

Ciao lavorato.
I metodi di pagamento e la consegna come sono avvenuti ?
Facci avere foto e recensioni …

@carved any pics of the setup? Did it arrive ok? Very interested :slight_smile:

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