Electric Jetboard (blank) template? (more wider at the back!

My dad and I are about to start our 2nd electric jetboard build.

Instead of using a surfboard, and shaping/cutting it to fit all the needed parts (jets box, ESC’s, battery’s etc etc) we would like to shape our own blank.
This way we can cut all the needed parts before it’s glassed…

We think that it is the best to have the maximum width of the board more at the back, as this is where most weight will be located when riding the board.
Unfortunately we did not find till now any surfboard templates suitable for our needs.

Anyone here who might have a nice template of a (jet)board, and share this with us?

Hi Kian I saw your videos, cool build.
Do you find that you have to lean on the back of the board to help the pumps keep sucking water?
I believe that you have to modify your cheese-piece to be deeper in the water so it scoops more water as you start going faster.
And one more thing, a V bottom or even trapezoid shape hull can make a lot of difference, you’ll be able to stand basically anywhere on the board and still keep going.

Hi Eden,

No need at all to lean back. When riding the board I’m more or less right in the middle, or just over the middle towards the nose.

Short video but not a good one as I’m not riding full speed here

Doing a “hang five” is possible, but than I have to take care cause if not the board will be like a submarine :slight_smile:

The only moment’s when the pumps suck air is when hitting bigger waves or jumping.

Yes. We (my dad and I) are going to try to shape a V bottom blank.

Thank you for all the info!

Finlay. The maiden of the new board.
The new board is way more snappy than the old board.

I’m testing it here with a 6S. Next week 12S :slight_smile: