Electric SAP, mechanical engineering students

Hi everyone.
We are mechanical engineering students who are currently building our final project in college.
And we need your help!

The project is an electric SAP that is also suitable for the disabled and people with disabilities.
A solar system will be installed on the SAP to charge the batteries (in addition to the normal charge)
Of course it all connects to the controller and steering system we design.

But we will require your help in choosing the engine!
We are looking for a waterproof engine, which will be able to carry the SAP + equipment + uses a normal cruising speed (relative to the SAP) a speed of 10-13 kilometers per hour. Or 5-6 knots.
*** We prefer a motor that is fitted with a propeller.**


Sap size 4: 3.5m by 60cm
Maximum weight: 150 kg (including system and user)
Preference is given to preventing it from being able to work with seawater (if there is not one then indicate in which water it can work such as: fresh / salty)

Thanks to anyone who can help, appreciate it very much.

First things first, what is a SAP + links to existing products/videos.

Sap is a large surfboard that can be stood on, usually comes with a paddle.
Attaches a photo.


Thats a SUP (Stand Up Paddle)


Hi @taladani my 2 cents.

Maybe get some electrical engineers on your team,

The surface area of a SUP is not sufficient to provide a meaningful charging current via solar power. It is not worth placing the solar cells on the SUP, use a ground based charging station with a second battery bank. I use several of these https://www.powerplus-energy.com.au/life-series-premium/ to power my house. two banks would be a good choice" Edit for you" . Your project looks expensive. As far as the motor is concerned a starting point could be Efoil motor FS65161 100KV 6000W 20S water proof for motorized surfboard | Flipsky.net – FLIPSKY
Your real challenge maybe the propeller design.

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I look at this type of motor before, but I do some calculate and see that the motor gives me a lot of power!
I need something smaller for that project.
Do you have Ideya for one? much smaller

Maybe ask

its only claiming 10 km/h you want 13 I have nothing more to say.

Best regards,

It is pretty clear that you need to do about 30 hours of honest reading and research and them come back with some questions about your project design. Good luck!