Electric surfboard propulsion help

For our senior design project my group is building an electric surfboard and we’re having some trouble deciding which parts are best for our situation. Our goal is to move at around 2 m/s to assist people catching waves. Our calculated required thrust is 172 N. So far as a propulsion set up we have the following:
Jet drive- MSQ 50 mm water Jet thruster with CNC 7075 2 Blades prop
Motor- SSS motor 5694 1000 kv
Battery- 6600 mAh 6s 12 lipo pack
ESC- Turnigy Marine ESC 150A

Will these parts work together effectively? We know lower KV allows for more torque but how low is to low? Our motor has a max current of 258 A, if our ESC is rated at 150 A are they compatible? Is a single battery enough to support this motor to full capacity?

Any answers would be a huge help. Trying to ask these questions to manufacturers has left me empty handed or left with vague answers.


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50mm jetpump is small, to small for good speed
Make a Prop with 120 - 150mm and 6zoll pitch, with Duct.
Its more better and longer time to drive

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According to what i manage to see over the past years , your answers is probably yes

17kg on a 50mm is possible maybe around 15k rpm , not taking in account the design
With rpm drop , torque , voltage sag … aiming for a 800-1000kv on 6s sound good
The esc 150A burst on 800A if I am correct , can take the load for a few seconds

The amp made by the motor will depending also by the total weigh and how fast the trigger in pull

For the battery , you will need a quality one with high discharge capacity ( x 2 at least the number written ) aim for 50-100C

I think this is worth the shot , start with your list , test Speed achieved on the full range of the voltage of the battery during discharged and you may have to change your motor for a lower kv …

The guy in the video has two MSQ.
If you’re only looking for a paddle-assist then one jet might be sufficient.