Electric traction winch for "foiling" with a surfboard

I have a project to make an electric traction winch to “foil” with a surfboard, it’s not really 'Efoil but it looks a bit like it. We have the same elements.
Do you have any ideas or have you already carried out this kind of project, thank you for your comments

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Do you mean a wake winch?
Take a look at thee guys:


In Germany somebody is selling a DIY type of winch likely what you are planning…

Yes that’s exactly it

The rewinch winch is incredibly good value for money! When I looked at building one it came out at close to the same cost almost for the same power and features. It’s a very well designed product and can run in both directions if set up with pulleys.

Probable a Chinese knock off out there somewhere for half the price

no Chinese electric winch for the moment!

Im building one at the moment. Because efoils are forbidden in my country ( no kidding..Switzerland..), but winches arent.
I take a 9continent RH205 direct drive ( actually for ebikes, fast version 12x5 ), the 56v-batteries I already have from my tools. Brushless controller is from an airplane, and the winch will have a remote control so I don`t need a second person. The 2mm-Dyneema-cord is directly wrapped one the motor.

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