Electrical Help - connections snafu

Hey guys -
Can anyone help me with this?

I have read the manuals, I promise, but I cannot figure out how to wire these together properly. The ESC manual in particular is lacking.
I have a Seaking 130A esc. (plus battery and motor)
I have a Maytech remote (MTSKR1905WF V2 IP67 Waterproof Remote)
I have a switch, and I have a 5v battery.

Please see pictures:

After talking to the manufacturers, it is clear where the longer of the ESC harnesses goes: to the PWD-T, 5V, and G.

So now i just need to know where the switch and little battery go, and the other small harness…



As the ESC does not have 5 volt out to power the receiver you will need to supply this to it.
That is why you have an extra 5 volt battery. The switch will need to go between the 5 volt battery and the receiver.

To power the receiver you will need to modify the 3 pin longer ESC wire.
On the picture of the receiver you see GND, 5V and PWM_T.
You will need to connect the + from the 5 volt battery to the 5V from the receiver.
You will need to connect the - from the 5 volt battery to the GND from the receiver.

The ESC long wire. Connect the black wire to the GND on the receiver (the - from the battery will be here too)
Connect the red wire from the ESC to the 5V on the receiver (the + from the battery will be here too)
Connect the white wire from the ESC to the PWM_T.

The on/off switch can be connected (if needed) between the + wire from the 5 volt battery.

Maybe this will help you too.

Only pins needed are the PWM signal output.
Just add the 5 volt and ESC to it

Good luck.

Thank you so much mate! really appreciate the help!

yesterday I ordered a 75V Convert to 5V UBEC - just to throw that in the mix. (The only youtube videos i’ve seen use these)

The 5 volts out the UBEC will still need to be connected as described above.

+ (red) out UBEC to 5V on receiver
- (black) out of UBEC to GND  on receiver

RED from ESC to 5V on receiver
BLACK from ESC to GND on receiver
WHITE from ESC to PWM_T on receiver.

So. Only 3 pins used on receiver are the PWM signal output for ESCs pins (5V, GND and PWM_T)

thank you yet again. I really appreciate it.


Another question - In the default settings, the motor turns fast backwards at 0% throttle, comes to a halt at 50% throttle, and forwards at 100% throttle. Anyone know what setting this is?


You will need software to access the esc and disable revers.
also make sure that the Maytech transmitter is set to esurf/skate

EDIT. Looks like you can program the esc by TX code too.
It’s in the manual how to do it.
See the part about: running mode.

That worked too! Thank you again for your help Kian!