Electronic diagram

here is a diagram concerning the electronics for my foil, what do you think, do not hesitate to rectify the possible error.

SBEC : https://hobbyking.com/fr_fr/turnigy-multistar-twin-output-5-10-amp-6-50v-sbec-for-lipoly.html

KILOVAC LEV100: https://fr.farnell.com/kilovac-te-connectivity/lev100a4ang/relais-spno-12vdc-100a/dp/1436198

BREAKER CIRCUIT : https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B01F76VJ3I/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=A1J4OB5Q0ADG6I&psc=1

HRTC: https://www.ebay.fr/itm/HTRC-60V-200A-Wattmetre-de-haute-precision-Amperemetre-de-tension-Analyseur-A5A8-/253853584787?hash=item3b1ada4d93

KILL SWITCH : ref 14.919.04 : https://www.ruedelamer.com/ignition-cut-off-device-complying-with-regulations-560bd4e565b9b.html

PUMP KAMOER: https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/Kamoer-KLP05-6-Vacuum-pump-Water-and-Gas/32828251174.html?spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.300.777d3c00OWIWKY


If your circuit breaker is given for max 48v , you can put it in between the 2 lipo as well ( that is where i put mine with “load” on the négative )

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I will add a fuse 5a? on ubec for the pump maybe and a check valve

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I am not sure about how the Flier ESC works and should be wired, but normally you try to avoid loops at all costs (e.g. @MaxMaker fried a VESC by a 5v and GND loop) . So I would check if the Flier ESC needs the 5v and GND at the PPM input (wiring diagram in the manual). If not, only feed him with the signal cable.


Thanks @Giga here is the diagram of the manual:.

The 400A is an OPTO.
what do you think?

Concerning the breaker it is the one:
So I’ll do like my MTB and place it at the junction of two lipo, as you advise me @Alexandre.
I note everything and would do a schema to the standard.

I think you can wire the htrc to sbec to save memory when the kill switch is activated
Be carefull , my wattmeter was getting to hot in my setup to be a permanent installation
My circuit breaker as well , it was pretty hot after 20min of riding , but it never went on (200a)

@Alexandre, I’m not sure to understand … I plugged the HTRC before the kilovac is that so more in parallel but in series …? I have good or not.

You can leave it here , but you have to plug to the sbec (on a small plug on the side if it has one) in order to keep the memory when the kill switch is activated , or you can put it just after the lipo alone

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Could you say the ESC That you have used?

Can you tell me what is the current that you use? How do you define it and control it?

Very nice diagram. Does the Kilovac go inside of the waterproof battery box?