Electronic Parts and Foil For Sale

Hi All,

Sadly I am needing to sell all the kit I bought to build my eFoil. Prices in US dollars. Please pm me for more details. Everything is brand new in box! Would prefer to sell the whole lot.

I have got …

Seaking 130A $130
Flier 400A ESC (2) $250 each
SSS motor 56114 KV420 $125
SSS motor 56114 KV360 $125

Graupner Polaron Pro $230
RL Foil with long mast, both wings and fuselage and with Tutle Box and Flange adapter, paid $700 asking $500

Max Amps 11Ah 12s LiPo battery but it sat for a year so I’m not sure its any good paid $700 asking $350
(3) Floureon 22.2V 45C 4500mAh paid $150 each asking $150 for all three.

I’m going to try to charge/test these batteries unless I sell them quickly.

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I got brand new SSS MOTOR 56104 KV500 & SEAKING KV130A for sale if interested let me know I live in phoenix,az so product ships within the US. Willing to sell for $330 for both.

Yoooo im interested possibly. Maybe you could tell my more about them?