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Hi all I’m french from Paris and I wanted to build an electric foil I will start by making an engine and test it on my paddle before buying a foil for the mounted on it. what do you like me as a motor or can I order parts? you have a link to a tutorial to make the engine
Thanks to all

En français :
Salut a tous je suis français de Paris et je voulais me construire une foil electrique je vais commencer par faire un moteur et le tester sur mon paddle avant d’acheter une foil pour le monté dessus. vous me conseillement quoi comme moteur ou je peux commander les pièces ? vous avez un lien vers un tuto pour fabriquer le moteur merci a tous

This post is a detailed description of a good build. It uses the SSS 500kv motor.

I don’t know much about designing motors, but I’d imagine it would be a lot easier to buy a motor than it would be to make one. It’ll be smaller and have much less drag, and be more efficient and optimized.

I was not talking about the engine itself but a set with motor delight and waterproof gearbox

Hi Filip and Hi Pacificmeister,
I have watched your build very intently PM (Pacific…) and have been nothing but inmpressed.
When I saw the discussions on designing a motor I was thrilled because it would be a direct drive system.
I was in my first job years ago, responsible for O-ring seals and would like to in future ask more about that aspect versus a shaft seal (I thought I could use simple dynamic o-ring seals but I am no longer sure.
PM I have seen your interest in a direct drive so when I saw this I thought of the forum:

Best regards


Model: 5694
Compatible with: For RC Marine Boats
Material: Silicon steel, Magnetic steel, Bearings
Color: Black
Compatible Fuel Type: Electric
MPN: 5694 / 1200KV
Maximum Amps: 292A
Maximum voltage: 41V
Maximum power: 12000W
Idle Current: 3.9A
Maximum speed: 50K
Magnetic pole: 6 Poles
Tum: 5D
Motor diameter:56mm
Motor length:94mm
Motor shaft diameter:8mm

The above would allow for a direct drive?