Epicondylitis humeri radialis

is my diagnostic after wearing my efoil which weighs 27kg from a terasse to the beach and into the water 15 times up and down.
The problem is not the shere weight if it was distributed evenly to both hands, but the fact that one hand grabs the mast which is quite uncomfortable as the edges are rather sharp and additionally this hand bears the majority of weight. The personal consequences for me are devastating and i want to warn you all.
I think it can be easily avoided by using a belt forming a sling. This belt could be used in a double sling around the mast and over the shoulder, so the right hand is still free to support the handling but with much lower forces.
If someone has pictures showing the problem it would be great to add them here. Thanks and stay healthy, happy new year!

Sorry to hear about Your issues, had the same but for different reason…Believe in many cases it can be cured, I had it for about 6 months in 2020, now totally symptom free and no re-laps issues so far…knock on wood! So there is hope, hope you get well soon! It is really a good idea to consider such things and use a dolly, belt or what ever as help. A orthopedic doctor told me ones, the “guarantee period” of a human been stops at a certain age(depends on many factors, maybe 35-40 Y ±) and after that You just have to adapt…Half joke half true…

Sorry to hear that and I hope you get well, this is painful and annoying , the belt is a good idea over shoulder or just even wrap around wrist as it is just the fingers holding the problem

As for myself , got calcification on most of my articulations , on my elbow last time check ( 25 years ago) it was 18mm , but no pain anymore, i just need to warm up before and as long as the weight is heavy

For the Efoil , I switch hands couple times , put it down haft way and sometimes I left it just took the battery and came back for the board