EPP Glider like template

All night I read forum and on sunrise I’m stared on ceiling and my RC models on cupboard.
If you have children or you RC model guy you should know this model, bestseller of 2018-2019.

I’m watching on this model and interesting is it good to take mold for fuselage or wings (35-48cm span) or even cover wings with fiberglass or carbon to make rare wings from them?

You would be better off buying a block of H-Grade EPS & making a hot wire cutter & experimenting with a few wing profiles. I made a hot wire cutter for < $5 with some bits I already had.
see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCbEeW_n7OU
After you have made your templates :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:its very easy to make great shapes…
See:Blue Mountains Australia Foil Build - #25 by theone - Builds - FOIL.zone

Why didn’t I think of that… Off to the store to buy one of those big gliders. :laughing:

I bought mines for 3$ and 10$ for big

Beware! Those are dihedral wings (angled up at the tips). You’ll want anhedral wings (angled down at the tips). Dihedral is great for roll stability. Anhedral decreases stability. That’s normally really bad for an aircraft or hydrofoil, but actually allows for better turning on a foil board. Or such is my understanding.

Couldn’t they just flip them upside down?

Depends is wing profile symmetrical i think.

Yeah it would have to have a symmetrical wing profile for that to work, which I doubt is the case. You’d just get negative lift.

@Sean, @Vitalii did either of ye get far trying this?

Hi, I din’t met with my friend yet. All regarding board will make my friend remotely in another city.

Since dihedral tend to oppose to roll action, it brings roll stability, the board goes back to horizontal position when the rider engages in a turn. Do we need it as the board would be less manoeuvrable ?
Anhedral perform very well under water because our efoils are not unmanned gliders, efoils are controlled by weight shift. See the new eTakuma (Avante) Carver frontwing below:

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I can’t find them for sale where i live. I’ll would have to order one unfortunately. I think i’m just going to 3d print the eppler 817 wing.