Erayfoil Remote: Unboxing and Review

I have received my Erayfoil remote and have just opened the box and the remote itself. see the following pictures.


All the electronics are sealed in the circled part arrow #1 . I understand now why the screen is so small. You can see in the pictures above that the only part exposed is the antenna. The arrows pointing to 2 and 3 are small magnets that are used with the hall sensor. The weight feels good and solid. Construction of the remote is solid and has a very comfortable feel.


I bench tested it and it looks OK.
Images coming soon.
It shows battery voltage, the lock and cruise control work as expected.
Still have to check it under water and range test under water.
Outside it penetrates 3 concrete walls and half a car. Behind the car it looses connection and locks.

How does the cruise control on this one work?

On +50% you press + and than it stays on that % as long as you hold the throtle. You change it with + and -. It also comes down to at least 30%.

Where does it show the battery voltage? On @wushbush pictures it doesn’t show it any where.
Does it have like a armed mode where the screen changes and displays it?

Edit. I just figured it out its not actually the voltage in numbers it’s a bar with 5 levels, so you get a rough idea of what the battery level is.

That’s MUCH better than the way Maytech works the cruise control! That alone makes it a better remote control.

Cruise control demo.


Final completed my new battery so I can test the new remote. I added the JST-PH connector and a small pin for the batt voltage. I’m using PWM so all together there are four wires connected. The screen is very bright and compact. I also charged the remote and it charged very quickly.

This is the first test of the remote after calibrating it using VESC Tool. I have it set to duty cycle no reverse for bench testing. Also notice percentage point when the prop starts spinning! At around 2% throttle I’m getting movement. It has good response and a great signal strength so far. I have an antenna extension run to the nose of the board. The water test is the last real hurdle!


I completed my water test with the Erayfoil remote. This remote is ready to use out of the box and is water tight. With the antenna extension I never lost a signal or had intermittent responses. I pulled the trigger and had an immediate reaction.


@cameron check out the above information :call_me_hand:t4:

Thanks - i guess I just want to know, is it thoroughly waterproof? (unlike the maytech, which I’m stuck with!)

@cameron Yes, it is waterproof out of the box. There is nothing i see that needs to be done. Wardy made the suggestion to better waterproof the battery? But so far I don’t think its absolutely necessary!

I have tryed this remote and i thing it is realy good walue for price
Works well, have strong signal eaven if bard is fully submerged in water, and i like throttle reasponse.
Fits nice in hand and it is realy light.

@mrendu43 How long have you been using the remote for? Everyone wants to know have you had any issues with it being waterproof?

Not too long…
But it is fuly waterproof, i dissasebled it and it is fully potted inside, no exposed electronics, whater cang get in, it is hard black silicone potting.

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Thanks, that is my feeling too. It is fully waterproof out of the box and ready to go. @mrendu43 are you using it in saltwater too?

Yes exactly…
I think it is realy good little remote.
Yes i have used it in saltwater, no problems…

This looks like a pretty good remote. The only thing i like more on the maytech and flipsky is that it displays voltage and amp draw, where as the Erayfoil remote just has 5 bars to show the power left in your battery.
Does not having amp draw bother you?