ESC and controller for jet assisted surfboard

Hello happy builders,
I’m a fat surfboard shaper with bad shoulders and I’ve been looking for a while to build my own jet assisted longboard, just to get an extra boost for take off, and not quit surfing. I’ve been 3d printing a jet pump for a 52mm impeller which only builds 62mm so that I can incorporate it in a existing surfboard. The intake and outlet are under the board (don’t know if it is a good thing, just thought it looks neat)
There is no need for high speed really, just a quick boost 5-6s at the time. I will be experimenting with different impellers but I guess I won’t need anything too agressive, correct me please if I’m wrong.
Someone gave me a inrunner motor Turnigy AquaStar 4084-620KV, it’s a 3050w motor but I have no idea if that will do the job, I have a 6s lipo battery for testing, got my hands on a esc but only 130A so a bit tight, what would you recommend for the experimenting phase without breaking the bank?
Also, and probably the trickiest to solve, I’d like somme buttons on the board to control the drive and not a remote control as I still want to use my hands and paddle, any thoughts?
Thank you guys for any input, I’m learning a lot here already.