ESC and MOTOR exiperience

What is your experience with the esc Seal 300a (ztw, maytech, flipsky) and their 100 / 120kv motors (65161, …)?

Please write which of the following companies, example: flipsky 300a + 120kv 65161 - comment

On the other hand, I am interested in if you use the mentioned esc with other motors, for example Flying Rodeo motor, …

Can you set the number of poles in the esc program card for Seal 300a ESC and timing, frequency, etc.

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We have had good results with the flipsky 65161120kv motor and Fliers 300a ESC.

This is an older topic but I’d have a related question. I’m using ZTW seal 300a with Flipsky 65161, 120 kv.
It’s working quite OK but in every start the motor “hesitates” a little before it spins. I noticed that the 4 mm shaft pin is digging into the groove of the aluminum prop. I’m running the ESC motor timing in AUTO mode. Would it be better to use some set value instead? Any other recommendations that might help to get rid of that hesitation at the start?

post a video of the start…

Can’t do it before next summer.

Do it in your bathtub :wink:

Food for thought even if you program your SEAL 300 manually (beeps):


A detailed ZTW Seal 300 user doc posted by @rogjalon :

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Thank you very much!
It sounds possible to improve the motor start by playing with timing and power rate. I do have a programming card. I’ll dig my efoil out from a winter storage when we get closer to the summer.

The motor “hesitation” when starting up doesn’t seem to do any harm other than making the pin slot of the prop wider.