ESC connection to the batteries

I have a small problem when I connect my bateries on my ECS, I have an electric arc in the XT60 connects, do you also this phenomenon, someone has there a solution to avoid this phenomenon, must I put a interrupter on ESC?

Search for anti-spark Connector/switch.
There is a discussion on the forum.
The caps inside the ESC are loaded when you connect your battery. So it is normal, but to avoid higher resistance you should use a power switch or anti spark connector.

great, thanks for your answer

Hey guys, ive got the XT150 connectors for anti spark for battery to esc connection and want to hook them up to the esc and battery but I saw in the forum lots of people using them but then googling it leads me to believe that I should be adding in a resistor, is this the case? Or are the connectors good to go once soldered to the wires?

I am only familiar with the XT90 connectors. It appearsthe yellow stripe you see on the male connector touches first for a few milliseconds. That charges the capacitors in the ESC though a resister built into the male connector.

Look for AS150 connectors (pictured above) which have the built in anti spark, not the XT150.
Ive been using them without issue.

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AS stands for “Anti-Spark”

Look for the AS150

5 pairs for $20 on AliExpress. I bought these. Good quality.

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Ya looks like I bought the wrong ones!!! AMASS XT150 Connectors

Thanks guys, now I have the right ones. Which side does the resistor go or does it matter? Hoping to solder onto esc tomorrow night

It doesn‘t really matter, just make sure you connect the one with the anti spark resistor AFTER the normal one.

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Do you have some pictures showing the process ?

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just connect them, the male with the closed contact hast the built in resistor in it’s tip. When you connect it , you first connect the tip with the resistor which pre-loads the caps, when you push it further in you bridge the resistor and have full connection. As stated before, this only happens when you connect the anti spark last (unless you use an anti spark connector for both + and -).