ESC Flier, Brushless Motor not pieping/no sound

Hello my name is Mike.I bought an ESC flier boat 400A (opto) for me DIY Jetboard. Unfortunately, the brushless motor (MT08392-300-WC 300A) no longer makes a beeping sound.At first time I connected the mainbattery (48v li ion S13) with the ESC, the motor beeped 10 times in a row.I then connected the transmitter and receiver and tried again. the Brushless motor beeped 2-3 times and started at half power with no stop.I then turned off the receiver and removed the mainbattery from the ESC to stop the motor (the motor ran max 3-5 seconds).I try all again,turned everything back on,the motor don’t beeping anymore.since then everything is quiet.I can connect the battery to the ESC but no beep.with or without receiver,no beep.I use a Y-Cable for the BEC 5v output for the receiver.I go from the main battery with 2 cables +/- to the BEC and after BEC to the receiver with +/- and from the receiver with the 3 cables (black/red/yellow for information) to the ESC.I test it without the red wire to the ESC at first time.In the online homepage diagram I saw that only the black and red cable goes from the BEC to the receiver and then only the white and black to the ESC, without the red 5v cable??Why?doesn’t the ESC also need the 5v+ signal wire?In any case,the motor no longer beeps.there is no power to the motor.If I connect the main battery to the ESC,there is no beep,if I remove the battery again and measure the main cable of the ESC, I have the full volt power (52v) in the ESC, is this normal that the ESC Safe the Volt power? I Hope the 300A motor matched with a 400A ESC and I don’t kill the motor???

please help me and Thanks for helping.