Esc hot as heck, just while pre-testing

Hi - I have a Seaking 130A-HV V3 ESC that’s been working perfectly with my setup - which I’m in the process of building. Today when I tried testing it, one of the three wires came loose from the motor, and now nothing works… and the ESC gets hot as heck when I try again.


any ideas appreciated.

Probably phase MOSFETs went boom, if nothing works, gets hot, then don’t risk having a bonfire in your house, ditch the old underpowered Seaking and get a heavier duty ESC, just my 2 cents.

thank you for your reply - do you think 130A is underpowered?

It seems that having one or more phase wires cut during operation kills the esc.

I am saying “it seems” coz few here reported this issue while I had my 3 phase wires cut at the same time with a relais without burning my expensive 75/300.

As for the ESC getting hot even while simply connected to the pc without load, again this is a known issue as well, nothing to be afraid of (mine is slightly warm but nothing bad).

Hope it helps :v:t2:

Is “PC” the powercell? And it gets too hot to touch - like actually burning hot - before i chicken out and unplug it. That’s normal?

I’m just wondering if there’s any setting or reset on it that I should try before giving up and wasting another $180…

Pc actually means « personal computer ».

I remember having read something about same issue for another user, trying to search for the issue on the search bar should help you though. As for resetting, I don’t know about this particular esc but I had others that needed to be programmed with a card, there was always a reset function on it as well. Do you use a programming card as well ? Otherwise you have this function on the software I guess

ha! i had no idea you could hook up these devices to your computer…
This is a Seaking HV 130A. You program it with the throttle/brake.

Should this ESC be sufficient for my “SSS 56104/500KV Brushless Motor” do you think? Running it with 2 lipo batteries, 22.2 volts in series, 6S each.