ESC master thread?

I’m new to this forum and this will be my first go at building an eFoil. Right now I’m stuck on figuring out which ESC to get. Many are complaining about burning up certain controllers, some are not outputting the advertised power, etc. etc.

What do people think about creating a sort of master parts list where people can reply with what they are using, how long they have run it, problems encountered, the cooling required etc. so that we have a repository of parts that people are using with success?

Barring that, does anybody have a recommended controller for me to use with this motor?

I am attempting to build an all-in-one jet direct drive. The ESC and motor will live in a metal tube that is attached to the mast. My main concern is preventing overheating and I am hoping that passive cooling via a heatsink on the ESC that makes contact with the submerged housing will work.


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