ESC not recognised when connected to Laptop

Hey guys, I’ve been doing a bit on the electronics trying to get them up and running yesterday - all was going well until I stopped for dinner and when I went back to the setup, the VESC Tool was disconnected form the ESC and since then the Laptop won’t recognize that there is a USB connection -no noise when connected to the laptop - and the VESC tool won’t recognize any USB connection (naturally).

I googled etc. and have installed all of the latest drivers etc. so I don’t think that’s an issue.
I’ve tried numerous USB leads and they all work on phones etc - for data transfer not just charging- plus the USB lead was working so I can’t see it being that either.

I’ve tried the trick of starting laptop with USS connected and ESC powered on and also no joy.

Battery is on - ESC is powered - I have the Transmitter connected & paired to the remote (solid Red Light) - so I’m thinking there must be some brains going on in the ESC.

Has anyone come across this issue?

I’m using the Flipsky 200A FSESC and Flipsky tech support is of 0 help so far but its only been 24hrs so willing ot see wht they come up wiht too but waiting is torture!

Managed to get sorted & re-connected just now - steps were as follows:

1: Connect USB to ESC & Laptop
2: Open VESC Tool
3: Turn on Battery
4: Connect Battery to ESC

And up she was and able to connect.

How long tis will last I do not know but if it fails again i’ll update this thread.

Note: Admins if this is captured elsewhere feel free to remove, I just couldn’t find it