ESC settings / hall sensor needed?

Hi guys,
building my first efoil at the moment and got finally everything talking to each other. However, the motor runs rough in air (not attempted water use yet) and the throttle is not working as it should.
I have:
Flier Boat 400A Opto
Maytech waterproof remote and receiver
APS 70-120 motor

I can start the motor but it runs very rough and clunky, in ES8 mode its a bit smoother at higher throttles but still not great below 30% throttle.
All the wiring diagrams that are in the Maytech manual assume that a hall sensor or other feedback loop from the motor is used. I havent got anything like that set up.
Just motor directly to esc. Is this feedback loop a must ?
Haven’t got a UBEC at the moment so I am powering the receiver from one of the balancing ports of one battery as you can see.

I have played with the settings of esc and remote quite a bit but cannot make it run the way it should.
Has anyone got any advice ? I have spent hours changing various settings without success.

thanks a lot guys!!!

Hi, was only able to upload one pic in my previous post, here the overview:
thanks again!

Moved that over for you!

Try to increase start power to 20-30%, that helped in my case with an sss56104 Motor. Maybe try a different sw version.