Esc swordfish pro +

Do you think that the Hifei SWORDFISH PRO + 300 esc with the addition of a Bank Rubycon capacitor 63V 470uF x 4=1880 uF is a good choice for our e-foil?
Have you already tested it?
I ask you because I have the possibility to have a new one for the price of a 22s 400 amp flier.
So I hesitate between the two, I await your feedback and advice thank you

Ive been using one for over 12 mths no problem

Me too. No issues, great ESC. Don’t forget to hook up the water cooling

Thank you, do you use Bank capacitor?
And yes, thank you for the water.

Interesting, I have one and its:

  • a lot louder than other escs when driving the motor
  • after throttling down I can’t throttle back up. I need to restart the ESC. I have recalibrated multiple times, tried different remotes, used different settings in the programmer.
  • I can’t download any log files. Tried multiple versions of Windows and different PCs.

I think there ESC may be a dud

I don’t use capacitors
as far as getting the data from it talk it Hifei they will send you a different program
or go in as admin that should allow you to get data out


Stock Standard. Tho I have to admit I haven’t checked the data logging.

Tried the admin trick, still didn’t work.

Here is my strange behaviour

Indeed, there is a problem, I heard yesterday that SWORDFISH X are having problems without being told what kind of problem.

Which advance timings do you put with the swordfish 300 with a SSS 500 kv motor…
And do you think it is possible to change the SWORDFISH switch to a kill switch like the one I have:
It would avoid me to go through a KILOVAC LEV 100…

I read that the swordfish protects against the loss of signal, probably a shutdown of the esc… but without more detail about the delay in seconds between the loss of signal and the shutdown of the esc… did you do this test? Thank you. Thank you.

I got the answer from HIFEI the ESC still running around 3 seconds after the signal loss.Then it will be totally cut out.You should reset the throttle if you are going to run it again.

In a very strange way, that actually got my ESC to function properly. However the one thing I have noticed is that the Swordfish is much harder on starting the motor than my other ESC’s! Has anyone else experienced this?

I also asked HEIFI if it was possible to do an FW with a cut-off delay of 0.5 seconds, here is the answer:

Dear Carvalho,
Could you please send me your ESC’s ID number?Or you just send one screen shot of 'Parameter Setting’and 'Upgrade’page.We will change the cut off to when signal is lost at 0.5second in the firmware.Enjoy your day!

sad news the ESC is too old to be able to change the timming of cut in case of loss of signal … so it will remain 3 seconds in my case.