ESC throttle via pushbutton switch with hall sensor

Hi all:

I read this post: push button throttle | Endless Sphere DIY EV Forum

and thought I could wire up an ip67 pushbutton switch that had output of 1-5v (IHLR015XF2 APEM Inc. | Switches | DigiKey), but when I connected it to my flycolor 150a esc it gave me the beep loop (meaning the signal was bad). Apparently the throttle signal needs to be digital (pwm)!? Of course none of this is mentioned in the flycolor esc manual…

I bought an arduino to output pwm signal from the switch voltage, but this was a surprise. I would have thought the ESC would do it as it needs to convert the throttle signal to rpm, so going from linear to digial should be included

Are there any ESCs that can take a linear voltage input signal for throttle? In that ES post I linked it sounded like his ESC did, but none of the ones I have on hand do (swordfish, flycolor)


May be you can the mod of a server tester and put the push button on the pot …

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omggggg this is perfect, just ordered 3. Thanks for the tip!

Found this one on AE, wonder would it do the trick? Dont have enough knowledge to judge …

Actually this looks even better:

VESCs can take 0-5V throttle input directly so it would be an alternative for you, i’m suprised that this was not already mentioned!