Eskate batteries for Esurf?

There are so many eskates now around, would it make sense to use an eskate one ? I mean, there are lots of buyers / testers, we would know if those batteries had a bad quality ?

Price is still high of course…

I use my batteries from my skateboard. 10S2P x 2 of the Sanyo 20700B cells. Still in the testing stage so not sure long term but I think it’ll work.

With a total of only 4 cells in parallel, chances are that you will not be able to generate enough amps to lift off. If you do, you will strain the batteries a lot as they will be performing at maximum continuous amps. They will also generate a lot of heat! For on the ground testing, they can do the trick but I wouldn’t use them in the water. I guess it all depends on the cells amp rating.

The final version will be 10S20P. Hopefully that works.