eSkate builder exploring eFoil options

Hi new here but have been scrubbing the forum… I’ve been building high power eskates (and batteries) for years now and looking for a new outlet…

Naturally exploring a new venture from scratch has an overwhelming amount of info that point this way, that and the other :wink:
So let me tell you what I have on hand that I’d love to use if possible and maybe someone can tell me where I might land so I can try to set a baseline.

I have a beautiful 12s6p Samsung 30q ready to rock… an extra focbox unity (vesc 4 style) and an extra 6374 190kv (although I haven’t seen many threads here using that high a kv)

So board/foil/prop aside (and open to input) where does this leave me in terms of speed, ride time, etc as a 140lb rider?

What I do know: on land I usually ride high 20s to mid 30s mph consistently and will probably want something close (have no clue how higher speeds affect actual ride on water)…

On land my max amp pull barely hits 80amp burst, and gearing obviously helps that, what are typical current draws at 12s for the things I aiming toward? (Obviously water resistance isn’t the same as rolling)

Budget?? As close to zero haha but I did see a used foil sans electronics for $600 recently with looked like a steal but under $2k would be amazing …

What other things am I missing or should consider?

Thanks in advance for helping to guide me!

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