ESUP with 6384 motor in 6 or 12s

The impeller that I designed work very well (after many tries), So I do not need an extrenal pump. However I had to remove the air filter at the back. The grain is too fine and does not let the water through. We have two type a filter at the office maybe I mixed with the other model as I do not remember when testing that the water did not go through…

I will use another type of filter->

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Great progress buddy, very innovative approach through the whole project, cheap ESC aren’t meant to last long, we all know it, I’m really looking forward for your next video, great job :slight_smile:

Thank you. It is true that I did not except a lot from this red brick esc but a bit more than 10min @ 30% of its capacity :sweat_smile:
I am not sure than I will able to shoot another video this year… this project is taking longer than expected due to stupid choice that I did and quality issues with Chinese stuffs ( battery esc Bluetooth module and remote…:triumph:)