Etakuma complete mast motor unit for sale

I have a complete mast motor unit of etakuma available. It is used about 4-5hours so I would rate it in very good condition… It has Takuma contector, however it can be used with regular gold connectors and VESC, that works really good!
So for someone who wants to build his own efoil & wants a rigid and good motor/mast this is perfect opportunity… send me a message…
I used trampa VESC, could sell as well… If you need a board as well, I could help out as well;-)

can i know prices for motor and esc? it’s mandatory to use takuma wings system?

No actually the mast is flat and you can mount other fuselages as well… The mast is very similar to the mast of I used moses fuselage and only drilled to additional holes…
I thought on 950€ +shipping which I think is quite fair if you know that they charge 2500€ for a new one. And If you compare you pay about 900€ just for parts from china if you build your own one, and need to print parts as well…

where are you? Europe or US or … ?

Europe Germany, you?

Italy, keep you tomorrow

It ist still for Sale?

no its sold but I cant delete the post