Etienne Dual Motor Tow Boogie

I changed my mind and will try to make 2 domes on the board, one forward and one aft with case between both to create a anticapsize system with the same shape of the Zero Tow ! First, just with foam and if it works, I will laminate it and definitely fix it on the board , it will be my first real laminating job :see_no_evil:

Some news about the Bremote, I received and mounted it. Thanks to @ludwig_bre for his support and his videos to set the parameters correctly.

When you use Flycolor ESC you have to carry a throttle calibration with Flycolor procedure. Disconnect the battery, throttle max, connect the battery, waiting for the end of music and throttle to 0.

Now I have diff steering and battery voltage reading on the Bremote :call_me_hand:


How do you get battery voltage on BREmote arent you using a non-vesc flycolor xcross?

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Yes, there is a terminal on Rx named Ubat, just connect +batt to it. Exactly like Maytech.

I could never get it to calibrate like that!! I had to adjust the min/max throttle in BLHeli til I found the numbers that worked.

So it’s when you try to steer the boogie it flips on its side?

'My boogie flipped twice while turning early in testing. Both times due to poor fixation of the box.

No, going straight, my boogie can flip when I pull too much on the sides of the wake. Maybe my tow point is too close to the propellers because I don’t steer the nose of the tow boogie when I foil on the side.

Here’s my tow point. she is quite far from the stern. No problems with controls.

Very interesting picture, your tow point is further back than a lot of tow boogie of the forum, I suppose it increases the steering capacity. I’ll try this asap. Hope it’s the solution to avoid my flipping problem.

I plan to install 1.5kg weights on each side aft also to have a little bit more nose up when it sails without load and maybe a better behaviour in the chop the keep the propellers in the water.

I tried my tow boogie today, it loses always the same esc after a few seconds. I have to disconnect and reconnect the battery to be able to use both ESC’s again.

I installed only one BEC for both ESC’s for the moment. I will try 2 Bec’s asap for a better receiver stability.

I would recommend slowing down the boogie a lot when you turn. If you try to turn with a lot of throttle it flips easily. I run 2 BEC’s with no issues. Once you get the differential steering you just stay behind it and steer the boogie until you sling into a wave.

One day, by mistake, I installed a 32 volt BEC on the boogie and it even worked a little). In general, I use one BEC, but it is quite powerful, 10A

The problem is the GND offsets that can occur between the two ESCs… Thats why the BREmote uses a 2nd isolating output for the 2nd motor
But if you supply both with the same BEC you connect the Signal GNDs again, making it susceptible to interruptions
Best practice is to have a separate BEC per ESC and not connect signal GNDs in any way.


And then you use the BEC powering the 1st ESC to power the receiver?

First Bec for the first ESC and also powering the Rx
2nd Bec for the 2nd ESC

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Coming from a final test with 2 ESC’s, 2 BEC’s, 2x 6S10P in série, BeC’s are supplied by each batteries wire.
Everything works fine, no more conflict between the ground wires.

Now, I will focus on board/tow point balance.

Do you guys have to be careful not to flip the boogie when unloaded coming back to you ? Mine is a bit sensitive.

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I’ve never had any flipping issues when it’s just coming back, but I use a 5’ 2” and 5’ 8” softop surfboard. Boogie boards are much less stable and if your motors are wide it will be even more susceptible to flipping at any given time.

Hi all,

Carried on trials on my rig, I can hammer on the trigger, no heat, it’s powerful and very fun to use in a straight line but when time arrives to turn, it’s a nightmare.

Without load, the tow boogie doesn’t turn really, it would make a huuuuuuge circle before coming to my position and when I ramp up a bit to help turning, it flips straight away.

On foil, I can’t steer it by riding on the sides because it flips and when I slightly steer it with motor differential speed it flips straight away. Very tricky to ride, it kills the pleasure.

This time, just a few water drops in the case but no issue on the controller.

I know @Jesserosco uses longer board, I’m on a 4’6 20 2 1/2 for 30 liters (between a boogie and a long board) and @rttn a proper boogie.

I will launch a new topic to focus on weigh repartition, pod positioning, and tow bar length to gather informations for everybody.

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A small update, since I inverted the prop rotation, it’s a lot more fun. From internal to external.

I also lengthened the tow bar and it gives more pivot point than list like before on the board when you foil on the side. But I can’t really do lanyard steering.

The boogie hasn’t got a very good behaviour when I ride far on the side because it gives too much list and the outer prop cavitates but keeping the position just out of the propeller trust, I ride comfortably and the sailing behaviour of my board is good.

Concerning electronics I still have some issues:

After 10 minutes non stop riding, the motors power start to oscillat, stop and restart with a different noise and if I keep riding it finally stops. I think it comes from temp protection (set at 100°C)

I also burnt a BEC yesterday during a sinker board take off. Don’t know if there is a relation between load on the battery and BEC supply because they are both connected in parallel.

Good to have a cheap trolley when you ride the biggest Europe tide area.

I plan to install an active cooling for ESC’s, just wondering where I put it, between ESC and battery it means condensator side or I unstick the ESC and I install it on MOSFETs side ?