Etienne Dual Motor Tow Boogie

After some research, cheap AliExpress BEC burnt Bremote RX, sad day for me. I’ll be a lot more selective about BEC quality now and will focus more on cooling everything down. I bought Mateksys BEC.

I received my 2 ESC’s SEQURE 12200, added a big cooler to chill MOSFETs one one side and make a good interface between ESC and batteries to avoid heating chain reaction, the others Mosfet’s are also stuck on my outside heatsinks.

I hope the seawater flow from a pipe fixed on the bottom of the board would be sufficient :crossed_fingers:

I also changed my 2nd hand Pelicase gasket.


Update from last tests:

Water flow with a horizontal pipe stuck on the bottom of the board is sufficient to cool both ESC.

One day the pipe turned a bit and my ESC tripped on safety temperature, it proves it’s efficient and necessary for my system. Both BEC’s are stuck on the cooler also to keep there temperature down.

Really happy with Sequre 200 amp ESC, cheap, protected by alu casing (more than X Cross) and powerful.

I only ride my 30 liters board with 1100cm2 foil. Take off must be lean on the board to be gentle with the system. Autonomy is really crazy, about 1h30 non stop running and a lot more when surfing.

Next step:

Try longer masts, from 20 to 30cm to handle the chop better using GONG masts and use new Flipsky 6384 waterproof because my DIY 6384 epoxy coating is a crap

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