[EU] LG 20S LTO 10Ah / LG Li ion 8S 5,3Ah 30C battery / HV Cables, Relais, Shunt

I am selling some battery packs from LG from hybrid cars.

All battery packs are like new, had only some cycles. All packs are without BMS, but on storage voltage in perfect condition.

up to 200A peak with good cooling
2 available - each 209€
size of pack: (cm)

LG Li ion 5,3Ah 8S
up to 150A with good cooling
20 available - each 39€
temp and bms cables - each 4€
size of pack: (cm)

High Voltage parts:

from 48V system:
3x Shunt 100A (10€ each)
3x Relais Gruner 850MT incl connector/cable (30€ each)

from 400V system:
4x cable orange 95cm (15€ each)
2x cable orange 24cm (8€ each)
2x Relais 80A incl connector/cable (30€ each)
1x Relais 10A incl connector/cable(10€ each)

Shipping EU wide from germany.



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Where did you manage to get your hands on these from?