EU Portugal - 5800€ Brand New Standard XFoil efoil for sale with a few extras/spares (2nd remote, 2nd propeller)

I’ve an XFoil order from since start 2022, already received the battery in Faro, Portugal.

Board and other components due to ship soon. (I can share XFoil updates with anyone interested).

I would like to sell it at cost (actually some loss due to depreciation/other).

I won’t use it due to a change in circumstances.

5800€ before shipping of board. (expected duty excluded, as of right now, only the battery duty included, since I received it already and paid it).
I already paid the shipping cost for all components and board, included in this price.

6500€ after shipping of board/components. (expected duty included)
That is our minimum, at a loss, due to inflation/other. Not negotiable.

All EU shipping possible.

Anyone interested please PM me.
You can see I’m a proven reputable seller on the electric unicycle forum, where I sold many of my used devices before. I can also provide references/contacts who will confirm this.

XFoil told me we can change the delivery address before the components and board ship, so, the earlier the sale is agreed, the better, to make these changes before it is too late.

Something you have to have precised by xFOIL is whether the warranty is Xferable or not…

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Thanks for asking, I’ve been told: Warranty can be transferred to new owner if we ship direct to them.
Are you interested?