Extend cable on Flipsky 65162 Motor

Hi, i bought an mast with Flipsky 65162 Motor. The cable is about 10 cm above the mast. For my usage it is to short. I m thinking of to change the cable to a complete new one. Ist it Possible to change it? I couldn´t find information if and how it is possible.
My second idea is to extend the cable. But all ip68 connectors i found are to big in diameter to get 3 of them to get it between mast and board. I hope someone has an good idea for me.
The cable are much shorter than in the picture.


I have this issue too, but I have used crimp terminal joiners and will epoxy the joint so it should be sealed.

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Replacing Wires on Flipsky Motor look here

You could also cut and crimp them so the joints will be inside the mast clamp, because the joints most likekely can’t be pulled through the mast. Shrinking tube with glue isided worked well for me to waterproof the joints. This would be easier than (but not as professional as) replacing the calbles. You would not have to open the motor.

If i need an extension to the cables i cut and solder on a new piece, isn’t that what everyone does?

Sand the joint to a nice pearl if there is any excessive solder, 2-3 layers of liquid electrical tape on the joint, cover with the heat shrink type with glue inside. Done, no need to open motor or crimp sleeves that might be difficult to pass into the hole cut in the mast.