Extending antenna from cheap 35$ receivers

I bought the cheap waterproof Remote and thinking about how I can extend or change the normal antenna cable from the receiver.
In this picture you see the soldered antennawire.

It is possible to change theme to a connector like on the Maytech Receiver you see on this picture.

You can buy this cable:

#Aliexpress € 1,35 | MMCX-MMCX Verlengsnoer MMCX Male naar MMCX Vrouwelijke RG316 Adapter Coax Pigtail Kabel

Cut it near one of the connectors. Solder the short end to the receiver en use the long end in your board as antenna cable. You have to cut the shealding on the antenna cable to ~30mm for it to work on 2,4ghz.

Doesn’t extending the receiver antenna detune the Rx of the Tx?

maybe a little bit but it’s appairing system the frequency can drool a litle just need the cutting the good lenght of 31mm for 2,4 ghtz and in this post the rx haven’t the extremity cut of 31mm i have the same if nice2cu can post a pics about all the antenna lenght so the little chinesse don’t worry about the frequency tune

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