Extra deep cable glands?

I can find a million of these standard cable glands…


but they all assume a really thin wall so the thread depth is not enough to use in my plastic (0.140? thick) Pelican battery box.

Does anyone have a source for extra deep cable glands?


Hi, try tme.com. I bought the glands from there.

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You could tap a thread into the case and screw it in without using the nut.

Had the same issue. In the end I used epxoy to secure them in place

DO NOT do this under any circumstances. I tapped my case and thought that would be enough and it cost me $800 in battery cells (120 Samsung 30Q’s). The threading between plastic case and plastic glands is not strong.

I now use metal glands with backing nuts and I took a small amount of the case wall off so the nuts would fit on and it’s been nice and dry since.

Thanks everyone for your responses.

I found them at Digi-Key. they are as follows
small IPG-22274-G DK 377-2209-ND
medium IPG-22294-G DK 377-2210-ND

@tylerclark, did the actual cells get destroyed? I’ve been wondering if 18650’s are waterproof. I was thinking of starting my testing without the flood sensors in place, but if I’m risking total destruction of my battery pack then I’ll likely reorder my priorities.