Extra Parts for Sale: FR Motor with mast APS Motor Reacher motor Hydrofoil Mast

Hi All

I am selling my extra parts. All parts are new in original packaging and will ship from the US if you don’t want to wait. I use all these parts with success. I just have a great working efoil now so I dont need these new extra parts anymore.

I can include 3D prints of motor mounts as propeller in the photos if you want.

New Battery 6S Tattu 22000MAH http://ebay.us/gQJKWm?cmpnId=5338273189
Used Alien Motor - APS 56200 Inrunner brushless motor 100KV 8000W = $200
New Reacher motor DL65150 100KV = $460
New 1 x FR Motor = $1,709.53
New 1 x FR Motor with Mast = $1,814.43
+Shipping Costs
Let me know if you are interested. PM me.


Wow, you are not satisfied with FR setups? Which one do you keep?

Actually I love the FR motor, it is so strong. I have 2 FR setups. I bought the 2nd for backup in case my first breaks but the motor is pretty durable so I don’t need the backup motor anymore. I only need 1 so I am just selling the extra one. It is brand new. I need to focus on my jetdrive.


I posted my reacher motor here if anyone is interested. Especially now David will be providing the propeller for this motor.

I’m very interested in the FR motor with mast… How much for shipping to Dallas Texas. I’ve never been on a efoil board, I made a super nice electric long board and saw this… it looks so fun and cool.
I plan on making my own board out of fiberglass and this should help me get way closer to my build being complete

Cool that sounds like a fun project. I am away from my computer at the moment out of town for the weekend. Shipping should be pretty cheap. Maybe under $100 depending on how fast you need it. With the mast and motor, these usually sell for $1800 plus shipping. I can get it to you around $1600 since you are on the blog.

Ok I am back in town. I can ship tomorrow if you are interested. If not, I can put it on Ebay.