Fanatic 2019 Mast Plate Repair

Hi all,

One of the holes of my 2019 Fanatic Mast Base has become too big so the bolt does not stay in place. Any solution or advice to fix it?

Cheers from Spain!!!

If you have room on the plate you may want to consider drilling and countersinking new holes. The slots are convenient but they bend (on aluminum) and crack (on carbon) base plates.


If its a carbon plate I would repair it with carbon. Another option would be to get a 3mm or more thick aluminum plate and cut the outline and holes to match. Then epoxy it to the bottom and fill the messed up holes and redrill. As its trashed.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions, but there is no room for new holes as you can see on this photo of the bottom part. Also It is an aluminum plate no carbon so I though about any welding solution.

By the way, my plane once I fix it would be to glue the base to the the nowadays Fanatic mast are made. Do you know what kind of glue they used?

That baseplate looks thoroughly trashed, isn’t it time to get a new one? I wouldn’t want to glue a plate that’s at the end of it’s life.