Faulty 56104 motor

I got my motor today from aliexpress, that i think is faulty.
Motor spins but heats eaven with no load applyed to shaft.
It is not hot but warm on touch.
I tested it with 20v battery on my red brick 200 A esc.
Thing that bother me most is uneaven winding inside motor ( opend motor, so i can design gerbox mount easyer)…

Form the pictures you can clearly see that winding are denser on one side…

Do i have fault motor, sould i ask for refound?

The heat comes from the eddy current losses, everything OK.
The winding also looks normal.

Same here , I couldn’t hold my 56mm more than 1 min of load , and it is normal , winding looks actually good

Happy to hear that
So my motor is fine.