Favourite deck traction pads thread

I am looking at traction pads for my board, what do you use and why?

I find most pads hilariously expensive, are they worth it? Where do you buy from in europe (don’t want to wait two months for chinese shipping)

Do you like the tail kick traction pads? Could give some added grip compared to simple flat ones but would like to hear from the surfers what they think. Might also help with consistent positioning of rear foot…

The 2or3 main sources are the Gong site (fast delivery)

probably supplied by

I checked gong before, seems the sheets haven’t been in stock for months.

Anyone using the kick tail pads like these?image

I can see benefits at least in theory :smile:

Have someone try something like anti-slip shower mat? They are pretty cheap (10$ for 1m*50cm) and could be found in any big store.

Might work, UV and salt resistance is a question mark for these. I think then you’d need to get a good glue also

I bought a regular black diamond traction pad off eBay from a seller that had a warehouse in the US. It was cheaper than AliExpress and it took only a week to arrive! If you are in the US, that’s the way to go! Otherwise you can check out seadek: https://www.seadek.com/retail-items/sheet-material.html . This is a more high end/high quality solution but the prices are still reasonable in my opinion.

Seadeck is not as good as the diamond style pads. I have used both on foil boards and found the Seadeck a little slippery.

I have not used on a foil board but I use Dakine on all my surfboards and their grips are fantastic! One of the best brands there is.

would you see any benefit on the efoils? I guess the turns aren’t as quick with foils but the rear foot would be “locked in” better

I don’t know. with efoiling you have loads of time to place you foot and also aren’t turning nearly as hard. I also fine my stance is very different on different boards, evem foil boards. Behind the boat on the wake my feet are in line with one another. On the efoil they have a very different stance.

We use EVA rubber.It should be sold in any country! You can buy a smooth one and apply a notch using a hand cutter. But you can buy already refilled.

I bought a whole roll of Eva with a notch for just 10 euros, from the manufacturer of soles for home Slippers!

I’m using EVA deck pad from Aliexpress. They work just fine.

I ended up getting these from amazon:
Let’s hope they are OK quality even though the cheaper price.

What do you think about using a cork mat? it’s pretty cheap. Maybe you need to route it to get notches in it.

Cork works decent from what I’ve seen on surfboards. If you wax it it’ll get real slippery, so never wax it is what one guy told me.

I see these on instagram foil boards. https://www.ovhdsurf.com/product-page
The hexagons. The reviews I hear say when you’re pressing down they’re sticky, but when you are just sliding your foot over them standing up or changing foot position they slide easily.

Any of the thin EVA pads off Amazon/Ebay/aliexpress work well. Example. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082HCN1R9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_kzZLFb607TYS2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Then there’s Viskus. It looks like it replicates a good wax job. I’m not sure how it doesn’t just rip off your skin instantly. But maybe it’s way softer than I’m imagining.