FD Project Cedrus Mast Changing Motor Position

I have a Foil Drive Assist Plus Project Cedrus mast. The mast is 70 cm long and has the motor is in the efoil position near the bottom of the mast. I want to move the motor so the motor center is up high about 6” from the board. I would appreciate any advice from someone who is knowledgeable or experienced before I get started.

t. I plan to take pictures and describe my experience on this project here.

I don’t understand why you would do this?

If you want the flexibility of moving the motor pod up or down the mast then it seems you bought the wrong product as the original wire outside the mast lets you do that.

Why not sell what you have and purchase the “adjustable” version?

I don’t think your photos uploaded.

Could you place the mast the other way around and reroute the cable?

It’s a shame FD didn’t build the functionally (with a clever cable routing method) into the design.

The 19mm axis mast is probably better suited as it has quite a large cavity in the middle.

I have one regular foil Drive assist plus and use it for surfing most every day. Before I bought this PCIM, I watched YouTube videos in support of using this version for surfing. I am now reasonably good foil surfer thanks to my FDAP with motor 6” below the board. I feel thus PCIM with motor in efoil position is a poor choice for surfing. I live in Mexico at a surf spot. Any prospective buyer wants a FD for surfing. So it has no local sales value unless I misrepresented how it works for surfing or ship it away and spend a ton of money to get it rebuilt. Like many foil addicts, I am broke. I could try to sell it used as a minimalist flatwater efoil kit. I’m afraid I will have to lose at least $1,000 on the sale for a sale to happen. I find I like the idea of modifying it to high motor myself compared to any other options. I have no need for adjustability. I love surfing. I know just where I want the motor. I think it will be even better than my FDAP after it’s modified. My plan is to modify it, care for it well, and use it forever.

I heard about that flipping it idea. Then I measured it and figured out how close the prop blade tips would be from the power cable. I think about 12mm. I like the idea of patching the existing hole and sand ing it smooth with the mast contour better than having my prop blade tips 12mm from my power cable.
I paid lots of money for this PC mast. It has a beautiful base plate with power cable sealed and exiting in the wake of the baseplate. I see no sense in changing to an Axis mast.

FoilDrive has presumably spliced the three motor wires inside the mast or in the base plate track somewhere. Doesn’t look that hard to pull it apart to shorten the cable and put it back together. Would be worth asking FD for some tech support given you are a loyal customer. Good luck.

I’m thinking I’m not considered a loyal customer by FD because I wasn’t authorized to modify this mast. I might contact them to see if they would share any information for me regardless

Project Cedrus here. I’m sorry you’re unhappy with the motor placement of your integrated mast. I cannot personally advise on methods or techniques for modifying, as I am not familiar with the process. But I can say that Foil Drive put a lot of labor and thought into the design and that it is a well packaged system, and probably very difficult to modify. I can’t speak for Foil Drive, but they probably wouldn’t want to advise for liability reasons (understandable). I hope you find a way to enjoy it and wish you the best. Kyle

Sorry to hear that it’s not working out for you. What about instead of powering off the motor entirely. Put a 10% or so cruise control mode so that will compensate for the motor dragging while you’re riding a wave? I know the benefit of low motor position is that you will be able to ride smaller foils. I am struggling to sustain flight on my fdap on the 899 and sp780. But if it had the lower position it would be fine. So maybe the key is to use the smallest wing and keep the motor on 10-20% at all times to compensate for drag. Just an idea.

Depending on what you have available to you tool-wise, its very easy to mod and change the motor position. I’d start by flipping the mast though as then you can just use tape or a carefully placed sticker to cover the existing hole.

Thank you Kyle. I have been in indecision and haven’t touched it. The surf forecast looks crazy poor right now. I’m thinking it may be best to keep it for use as a minimalist efoil. I might use it daily for the next two weeks to prevent going insane. I can also use it at La Ventana early in the mornings during the winter months. I’m thinking I should let it be, and hold onto it and have it for times like these. Best wishes.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve decided to just keep it and enjoy using it when there is no surf.

Thanks for your comment. I’ve decided to just keep it for days when there is no surf.