Feeding the cable through the mast

I have notice that when feeding the 8awg cables through the mast it is difficult to do without causing the cable insulation to become damaged. If the mast was to cut through the insulation it could cause a short circuit.I have considered the use of grommets however this would require 1/2 inch holes to be drilled into the mast, which is not possible due to the bracing structure inside the mast. At the moment I have 8mm holes driIled. My foil is a 2017 Naish.
Is anyone else having this same issue?

What about using 10awg wires? we have been using both 12 awg and 10 awg without any issues :slight_smile:

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Thankyou @Hiorth I possibly could do that, but have already spent the money on larger cables.
I might try a slightly larger hole and then feed them through a short piece of narrow walled tube so they’re not damaged on the way through the hole, and then silicone them in place.