Felix's fast E-Foil build from Austria

As I started lots of topics now I want to begin to share my build with you guys.
80100 motor
Max004 waterproof box
Yep120a Esc
Water pump
5v bec
14s8p battery ( not build yet)
3ps aluminium outboard prop.
And some 3d printing.

Wiring is currently only for testing.

And this is how my room looks:


Yep its messy. But I need to finish it ending next week so 10-12 days left

Thanks to all helping me out!


What board and foil combo are you using?

Bought it from someone name is KRUNK but I couldn’t find anything on the internet.


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Foil is a carbon self made foil ITS ULTRALIGHT

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Waterproof box is finished just waiting for the batteries to arrive

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New 80100 motor is shortend

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First wet test everything went perfect went up to 2kw then cutoff from the esc (but i think that’s a problem with my battery pack which is only capable of delivering 2kw)
All electronic are finished except the batterie.(14s8p vtc6 cells)

I’m really happy how everything turned out as I expected more problems

Thanks for everybody helping me without you guys I would have probably destroyed the esc and motor



New mastclamp 3d print Is finished. A bit too big but a bike tire fixed it :joy:


Second wet test with a 21v lipo battery (trash) maximum 900w. Was very fun to ride but not enough power (that was clear)

Video of first test sorry for potato quality:

Spotweleder works like a charm. Just waiting for the batteries to arrive😐. Need to finish it that week.

Taped cables to the mast shortened cables and aigain waiting for the batteries.:neutral_face:

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As my build goes on I just got the batteries but wait I ordered 150pc and how many did I get YES 58 CELLS. I am pretty angry now but j carried on:

I built a wonderful duct for my 80100motor

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I dont understand why more havent just used PVC for a duct. Its simple and fast!

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True I will make a second connection to the motor because now it is a bit wobbly

may be you can just connect the top of the duct to the mast so that the strut is aligned with the flow of water and doesn’t add drag…

Yes I will do that should be easy

Duct was shit had lots of vibrations then it went off😐

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may be with a stronger connection between it and the fuselage…
it still sound like your approach is stiffer and induce less drag than long struts extending from the motor support.

Improved it burnt my fingers while hotgluing the cells

Second step back :joy::pensive: