Fiberglass / carbon fiber and the resin

Hello every one,

I need help with buying fiberglass/ carbon fiber sheet with the epoxy resin.

can any one can suggest me or know any source from where i can get fiberclass 6oz and crystal clear epoxy resin for marine industry.

I live in usa

Thank you in advance

I got a roll of this carbon for what seems like a great price and seems to work well:
10 yards 50" Carbon Fiber Fabric Cloth 2x2 Twill Weave (3k, 6oz, 50" x 360") | eBay

And use the UV inhibited raka epoxy:

Try to find a surfboard builder in your area, they use these systems every day and are normally relaxed dudes that love to share their knowledge on how they laminate. They will also be able to point you in a direction as to where you could get your hands on some quality UV resistant resins and cloth. But it depends on if you’re going to do a hand layup.

Hey there.

Fiberglass Hawaii, Fiberglass Source, Fiberglass Supply (see a trend? lol) and Greenlight Surf Supply all have the stuff you need.

Be careful buying off of eBay til you know what to buy. There are lots of cheap resins that don’t work well for surfboards.

Resin Research is great resin but a little more pricey. All of these guys have a good cheaper in house brand. I’ve been using Fiberglass Source resin but really buy it close to home if you can as shipping is expensive on resin. (Heavy!)

Thx for asking, I figure that the efoil guys could use this info and just never was here enough to answer or post up resources.

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One note on UV resistance. All the surf stuff is fine in UV. But know that if you make your board white eventually it will yellow, no matter what, unless you paint it. This will take time and efoils likely don’t get left out like surfboards. I leave my surfboard on my car for weeks at a t8me during the summer. Yes, this is bad but you know lol.

Also avoid dark colors if you are out in warm climates in the sun. EPS foam will melt at high heat and black carbon will do that. (Yeah, I know, it looks cool.) This is why you see “sanded carbon” finishes where there’s a color over the carbon that looks worn away. Your fill coat can have a light color in it and it’ll partially cover the black carbon. This may not look good to you but I like it.

But epoxy, as long as you don’t get it hot enough to melt your foam, gets stronger with heat. That’s why they post cure in an oven.

And another thing lol sorry, on a roll.

Charlie Grey, on here, and I both make our boards out of e-glass and they are fine. He taught me this and the weight difference on an efoil won’t be felt. My 6’4” x 28” x 4” SUP weighs 15lbs. I used a couple of yards of carbon to reinforce the box area but that’s it. Don’t get too caught up on carbon for efoils. Also glass is more impact resistant so less dings and you don’t need to bag it. If you’ve never built a board, Carbon seems hard for your first board, though a lot of you guys have done really well. But be careful some of these guys have made tons of kiteboards and stuff before.