Fiberglass chopped strand mat & lantor soric infusion foam

I recently acquired 2 tons of fiberglass chopped strand mat, lantor soric infusion foam, and lantor coremat at auction. If anyone wants any, I’ll make a great deal per yard. This is shipping from the US.

300 GSM chopped stand mat (40" wide): $3.75 / yard

This is Jushi material:


Lantor Soric is awesome filler for infusion. Very cool foam for anyone wanting to do vacuum infusion. It also works great in a wet lay up, as well as a in the oven with prepreg (high temperature foam):

Type Thickness $/yard
coremat x1 50" 2mm 5
coremat x1 50" 4mm 10
soric sf 50" 2mm 12
soric sf 50" 3mm 28
soric sf 50" 4mm 25
soric tf 50" 2mm 16
soric xf 50" 2mm 15
soric xf 50" 4mm 20
soric xf 50" 5mm 35



I’ll make a good deal on any quantity…

Which minimal thickness of a single layer (skin) of Lantor Sonic on a EPS or XPS foam core infused with epoxy would do the job for an efoil board ?

2mm would be fine for a layer over foam. You actually wouldn’t need the foam core if you made it from a mold and used 4 to 5 layers of carbon with 2mm soric in the layup.

I’m open for trading any efoil parts for fiberglass / soric foam, if anyone has an interest.