Final stages of build. ESC questions and problems

Hi all. In final stages of my build based on Pacificmeister’s build. I’m having ESC problems and have questions. I know zip about ESCs and I hope these aren’t too stupid questions.

I have a Seaking 130a HV V3. It is running off two 10s6p batteries fully charged at 42v. I hook everything up and I have power to the receiver. The transmitter (FlySky) has power from its battery and lights up. But, I get no movement from the motor. ESC is hooked up on receiver channel 1. No sounds, beeps, nothing.

I have the receiver getting power from a ubec. But there is an extra black/white/red lead from the ESC. Does nothing connect to this? The manual shows a switch. Other than that I have my board wired according to Pacificmeister’s wiring diagram.

If I flip the breaker and kill all power and turn off the transmitter, and then reset the breaker to give power, the receiver lights up And I get a steady beeping from the motor(?). If I turn on the transmitter, the beeping stops.

Very confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you programmed the ESC for your motor? The ESC doesn’t know what motor it’s attached to. It’s not a plug-and-play system.

Thank you very much for the instruction. I’ll do that tonight.

From what I’m seeing that extra lead is not essential and the fact that the motor is beeping means that there is something power-wise getting to it. I was worried that I had the ESC wired wrong or that this particular ESC required a separate power supply maybe via that lead.

If you turn everything on and the motor beeps, that is good. I bet you don’t have the receiver wired correctly to the ESC and the BEC. You need to supply 5v power to the receiver but also 5v back to the power wire going to the ESC. Take a look on this forum at others wiring jobs surrounding this or I can try and find some pictures for you from my builds.

Re-reading the manual… the ESC short lead is for programming the ESC with. Programmer box. So that question is now answered. Back to more reading.

Thanks to everyone who did not respond with JRTFM.


Hi all. Update on this. Went to work on the board this afternoon. Started checking voltages and found I was at 84v. Not what I was expecting at 42. Turns out Pacificmeister was running his two 6s batteries In series. I wasn’t thinking when I built the wiring harness and did the same with mine. The ESC does not like 84v.

I rebuilt the wiring harness to get the batteries in parallel and I got the anticipated voltage. I hesitantly tried the remote and suddenly the motor jumped to life. But, it was intermittent. Stumped again. Then for some reason I bumped the tire knob on the transmitter and the motor spun up. I realized that in my troubleshooting last night, I switched the ESC to channel 3. When I switched it back to one, I got the trigger to run the motor. Success!

I’m in the process of setting the motor pod with epoxy and I should be doing water trials this weekend. Thanks to all for help you’ve given along the way. This forum has been great.

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