Finding permanent waterproofing solution for 30$ "waterproof" remote

I want to open up this thread for finding together a permanent solution for waterproof this remote:

I really like the handling and of course the price. I already bought some of them for finding the best solution. I tried them now for about one year.

That is what I already coated above the whole electronics and failed after month:

-Corrosion X
-Plastik 70

After a while it shows always the same failure: If I put the remote on the inductive charger the right led is blinking red. Sometimes I could “fix” this by just having the remote about 2 days on the charger.

Until now I thought it’s because of a current leak and that’s why the battery is empty so that the BMS wont charge the battery anymore. But I cut the battery and measured the voltage: It’s 4,17V…

If I put the remote on the charger without the connected battery the red light is blinking too. I soldered the battery cable back to the PCB but that didnt solve the problem.

1)Does someone have an idea what exactly is causing the problem?
2)Is there anyone who have already found and tested a good solution for a long period of time?

I really really don’t want to buy that totally overpriced Maytech one…

I’m not familiar with that remote.

What type of throttle sensor does it have? It needs to be the magnetic hall type to handle use in water.

As far as waterproofing the rest of it…coat everything with conformal coating. Once it dries coat with corrosionX. That’s worked great for me on waterproofing lots of electronics over the years.

Also, do not leave this type of cheap Chinese remote on the charger. It will over charge and destroy the battery. Just time the charge untill it is close to full. That’s the best way to make these cheap remotes last. Even the expensive maytech remote suffers if left on charge. They even admit it in their user manual.

I am working on it , see pics in my built …

No coating on the board under the black foam of the induction plate
Bms of the lipo isn’t coated , I order some lipo so I can easily coat the « bms » before silicone it …
first test in November

On my box it said v4 , may be version ? The lipo terminals are silicone , I don’t if the « bms » was on the first model …

I did all three coatings one after another. First Plastik70 then PlastiDip and then CorrossionX. So it’s not quite clear if the water barrier is just not big enough or if the failure is coming out of a bad electrical design.
I’ve also heard that the Maytech remote sometimes brake if you use an usb charger with an higher output than 500mA.

@Eileen : Can you tell us more about your waterproofing trials for the second Maytech remote generation?

I orderd this remote like a month ago and just opened it up. It seems like it’s having now the over voltage cut off.

The coating looks bit thicker than on the previous ones.
Nevertheless the glue on the battery pins on the board is missing.

The new versions also come with an antenna on the receiver board.

Same exact issue,
I had two of these remotes, I coated them with epoxy, and the other with regular primer spray paint. Both died after few charging discharging cycle with no reason.
The red light was blinking I couldn’t charge it. After two days it got working again. And then it got down forever

I prefer a good remote in a plastic bag to control my 5kw unprotected propeller close to my toes :blush:

I also had this remote and I didn’t modify it even though I knew it wasn’t waterproof. It died after the first water test but anyway it was faulty right out the box. While the trigger might be pretty good, I’m not sure if this remote is worth it. The overall quality is very cheap. Perhaps, there is another standard remote out there that’s of better quality and that could be modified to be waterproof.

I’ve filled mine with silicone. Has worked so far.

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Silicone everything seems to be a working

For those who re coated the board , you did both sides , everywhere ?

nope, not yet.20char

Nice solution!

1)For who long is your remote lasting?
2)Do you already have the “newer” version with the cable antenna on the receiver board?
3)Does you battery have that small circuit board for preventing over voltage?
4)Are you charging your remote with a regular usb charger?

I usually charge it after every ride. The red led goes green when its full.

Mine is about 3 months old now, so the older version without the antenna.
The usb I use is a 500mah. Just by chance, so probably got lucky there.

I dont remember seeing the circuit on the battery.

I order this one , same size , given for 300mah , charging at 1c

Yes MT remote control seems still overpriced… I know this one is in the pipe line, real waterproof design for e-foil company but they told me they want to sell it to the crowd as well around 129$…looks awesome to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And I just saw the regular sales price of the new efoil remote is much cheaper than the maytech…


Is the remote you are talking about currently available? If so, any links?

No… as I said it is under development, and they told me it will be available around christmas:wink:

I misread sorry! But thanks let us know!!

Did my nano coating :smile:

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Good luck with it. What is the reason why you bought the 1S :battery:?

The remote is running on 1s , you just scared me , I checked :1s

The one in the remonte has already silicone glue on it , it is hard to remove to make sure it is well done , so I prefered buy a new un protected and do that myself