Finished construction that does not fly

Flipsky 75200 84V
Flipsky 65121
Vx3 flipsky
Hifly propeller 2 shafts
12s12p Molicel INR21700-P42A 4200mAh - 45A

Max amp in vesc 200A.

on the vx3 screen I see 2300 and more watt

I don’t fly. I don’t know if the problem is that the motor is too low on the mast. I am aware that the table is small because I weigh 100 kg.

The front wign is GONG ALLVATOR 1100 cm2. Stab ALLVATOR 250 cm2

some waves and wind in favor

I’m a clumsy fucking

I cant belive it

The set has power. Either I’m too far ahead of the board or the board is steep. I inched forward but I can’t get enough speed. It is true that the balance point between going steep and sinking is very small

I need help!!!

With your weight, you might want to consider getting a bigger wing set to help you learn. About 80-90kg riders usually learn pretty quickly with my X-Over XL + 46cm X-Over stab. I would imagine 100kg would be ok with it as well.

Got a video?

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I’ll try with veloce XL, i dont have video yet. But now y have problems charging battery.

I am already very tired of so many tests and expenses.

every time I do a test it messed up something of several hundred euros. I’m stupid and I’m well aware

There is no way a cell is that high without being on fire, so please inspect the balance wiring carefully and if not fixed, replace BMS. You can send pictures of the pack wiring if you want someone in here to give comments on it.

Veloce XL is better, but not ideal for learning.


Hi, I think you should get more watts 2300 is not enough Power. But your motor can do 6000w.Your config from the vesc is wrong a think.Got the same problem. Do a static thrust test. Play with the frequenzy till detection get realistic results. Watch this video it can help you a lot. VESC tuning for a KDE5215XF-435 - YouTube
Also the propeller diameter can be to big. For your weight front wing should be bigger

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I just tried a veloce mt 1050cm2 wing with a similar setup, it barely lifts, sometimes i can get up only by paddling with my hands during full throttle😄 On my bigger board i can easily get up on YPRA 800cm2 wing…

I am 95 kg. Board is 120x60x15cm, looks about the same as yours (but you got the step in addition.)

This makes me think your setup might work but is marginal to fly. The mastplate box stuff will add a lot of drag - you should make a streamlined cover for it - or countersink it as much as you can - and try some different propellers.

and I thought that the step was going to remove resistance…

Check you battery amps on the VESC tool as well. Should be around 120amp to get the full 6000w from the motor. If you are running the power through the BMS you might need to decrease this a little though bit as it could be the overload the BMS if it is a 120amp ANT BMS.

That’s cells being 6V is strange. Probably means an error with wiring which means you have two parallel lines at 3V each. Pull the pack to apart to exposed the cells and measure each string with a multimeter. Unfortunately if the pack is that far out it will need to be balanced with a power supply as bleeding off that much energy with BMS could take months.

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Ok i’ll try what you say.

unfortunately I will not be able to take the equipment on vacation.

I’ll tell you where the problems were


It will remove drag at higher speed, but it needs to get to the planing speed for that area and loading first, if you never get there the step doesn’t add a benefit.

A month ago I did not analyze what you tell me at low speeds. now… I see that you are absolutely right.

What do you think about the neck being so far back?


What do you mean by ”neck”?

I think he means the mastposition so far back on the board.

In that case: it doesn’t matter where the mast is, unless you have foot strap positions that you need to match.

The mast position decides where your feet must be but not more than that. I’ve used offsets from 0-30cm from the back of the mast to the edge of the board.